Let’s Get Cooking With an Outdoor Gas Grill

You just bought a new home and want to add an outdoor grill to the back patio. You want to be sure you get the biggest bang for your buck, although not literally. Outdoor gas grills can run on propane or natural gas. A propane gas grill comes with a twenty pound gas container that holds approximately 4.2 gallons of propane. The gas is liquid but has a low boiling point and vaporizes as soon as it is released from the container. A metering device regulates the gas output and as soon as gas vapor hits spark – it’s barbeque time. A gas grills powered by natural gas is piped directly to your grill much the same way the gas is piped to your home. Natural gas is less costly than propane and you never have to run out and refill your tanks.

There are many outdoor gas grills on the market today and the cost varies greatly. Before choosing an outdoor gas grill, give some thought to how much cooking you will do, what kind of cooking you want to do, will you cook on the grill year round and how much money you want to spend.

Let’s take a look under the hood first. Under the grates there are the burners that provide the heat and on top of the burners are lava rocks, ceramic briquettes or something similar that disperses the heat. Whatever is used for heat dispersal can be reused many times.

Outdoor gas grills that come with multiple burners are usually more heat efficient than a grill with one burner. Heat control and distribution is better with multiple burners. Since drippings from food has a way of gathering near the burners and can cause a flare up, good outdoor gas grills will have a bar system made of steel in place that will funnel the fluid from the burner to outside the grill, reducing greatly the risk of flare ups.

Most outdoor gas grills come unassembled but if you buy the grill in a store, you will most likely see a grill completely assembled. Make sure the grill is solidly sitting on the floor. If it wiggles when you touch it, it more than likely will come apart pretty quickly. The frame should be solid and strong and if it has wheels make sure the wheels roll easily. The grates for cooking should be made of a plated steel or a chrome-plated aluminum metal. A grate that is made from a metal that is thicker and of a heavier-gauge will not only retain and distribute heat better, but will last longer. Two other features you might want to look for on outdoor gas grills are a warming shelf and cooking utensil storage area. When you open the grill top, above the grill area itself will be a shelf made of the same material as the cooking surface. That is ideal for grilling the buns or keeping food warm while the rest of the food is cooking. A utensil storage area will keep your cooking implements and pot holders at close hand and ready to flip while cooking.

With some basic gas grill knowledge under your hat, it’s time to go out and get that grill and get the burgers cooking!